The screw is one of the most important component and the back-bone of the plastic, rubber and food industry. From common screws that can be easily manufactured to complex screws; our product will guarantee performance to your specification.

A custom designed feed screw, taking all your unique processing factors into consideration, typically outperforms any "off the shelf" screw design.

  • Maximum Screw Pressure and Pressure Distribution

  • Melting Start, End, and Solid Bed Deformation
  • Final Melt Temperature and Local Temperatures along the Screw Axis
  • Screw torque and motor horsepower requirements

Screw wear and wear patterns can be based on the results above


CAD-Capable - Extensive Archives

As specialists in custom designing of new feed screws, we are fully CAD capable and can accept your CAD files directly. This enables us to seamlessly make any modifications that may be required.

P.E.M. clients also have access to our extensive archive of drawings and designs especially for the Injection Molding and Extrusion Industries (excluding confidential and proprietary drawings).