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Small Screws InventoryP.E.M. Inventory Minimizes Downtime

P.E.M.ís use of CNC technology makes it practical and cost effective to create an inventory of the more common models of screws and components.

 In the event of an emergency, parts are available for immediate delivery and can be rushed to your site, minimizing downtime.

Small diameter screws and screw tips are shipped with a protective plastic coating to prevent damage due to corrosion or handling.

Larger parts are shipped in professional and durable wood crates.

Long Screw Inventory

Customized Inventory Program Reduces Costs

P.E.M. can provide a customized inventory program for clients requiring the stocking of non-standard screws. Our advanced production technologies reduce manufacturing costs, passing savings on to our customers. We invite your inquiries in order to review your specific needs to determine a program that will best suit you.


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